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Carcassonne by Dun.can

In the Aude <i> Department</i> in south west France. Carcassonne has a very long history; there were Celtic and Roman forts on the site long before the Visigoths founded the city in the 5th century. It was an important city throughout the middle ages and was beseiged by de Montfort during the Albigensian Crusades in the 13th century. The old part of the city, on the higher ground, still retains its medieval character today , at least on the outside; it's very much geared up for the tourists inside.
Castle of Carcassonne (Français: Cité de Carcassonne) is a tourist attraction, one of the Castles in Carcassonne, ഫ്രാന്‍സ്. It is located: 260 km from Toulouse, 392 km from Montpellier, 610 km from Barcelona, 620 km from Hospitalet de Llobregat,... Read further
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